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High Density Storage Shelving

1. The US Government is contemplating the purchase of rolling shelving/storage units. This is a request for information (RFI), there is no request for a quote at this time. The US Government will not be held liable for any costs related to preparing a response. The requirement will provide an option for a site visit when officially solicited. The performance location is Ramstein Germany and will require delivery and installation on-site.

2. If your company would be interested in providing a quote please review the draft requirement and respond to the following questions and email your responses to 

3. Draft Requirement Description
The government is contemplating the purchase of High Density Mobile Storage Track Shelving units for a consolidated tool kit (CTK) area of a hangar. Three separate systems are required to be installed in the same area (see attached floor plan and layout). The Contractor will need to install tracks in the ground for the unit to be installed on. Users must be able to move them as needed for access without assistance. Each unit would include an open shelving portion (walkway). Each shelf must be rated at a minimum of 500 lbs. The government is requesting a counter with under desk storage, leg room, able to accommodate four computer workstations, and include drops to conceal network cables. The government is also requesting a workbench with 2 compressed air reels/hose with storage drawers below the desk.The
contractor will be responsible for all parts, labor, and material required to complete the work which includes installation of the shelving units and the track/rails. 

Shelving Units 1 and 3
Amount of Shelves: 1 base shelf and 3 adjustable shelves
Shelf Load Capacity: At least 500 lbs. per shelf
Shelf height: Adjustable
See attachments for additional details

Shelving Unit 2 with Drawers
See attachments for layout details

Counter top
Dimensions: 26 ft. x 3 ft. x 3 ft.
Countertop material needs to be suitable for Industrial Heavy Use
4 Computer Stations
4 Computer Monitor Posts
Computer towers stored below countertop
Users will require leg room
Door with upward hinge to allow entry into storage area
Below Desk storage for each station

Dimensions: 16 ft. x 4 ft. x 3 ft.
Has room for two 25 ft. compressed air reels/hoses
Storage drawers below tabletop (see attachments)

4. Questions:
- Company Name, Company Info (e.g. address, phone number), Point of Contact Name, Point of Contact info (name, phone, and email), Cage Code / DUNS number
- The government is requesting drawers and open shelving as part of the same unit (see design concept). Is this design for shelving available, available with modification, or not available?
- Is there any information in the requirement description that is confusing? Is there any information not included that would make it easier to provide a quote?
- Can you provide examples of items your company may propose to be able to meet the government's requirement?
- Please provide any information on discounts and available warranty.
- Can you provide estimated/average pricing information? (This information will assist our team in budgeting and planning purposes; pricing will not be considered an actual offer. This information will be maintained as For Official Use Only and will not be available for public access or distribution.) 
- Please feel free to provide references to existing or past contracts.

Very Respectfully,

700 CONS Contracting Squadron (LGCB)

david a. volberg,
Contract Specialist
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