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Swing" 9"

Machining Length" 4"

Number of Axis" 2

Chuck Size:6"

Bar Capacity:0"

Power:16 kW

Maximum RPM:7,500 RPM

Control:CNC (fANUC 12i-t)

Overall Dimensions: 97" x 62" x 91" H (2460 x 1550 x 2300mm High)

Approx. Weight" 12,100 lbs (5500 kg)

Very reliable, amazingly simple and fast!
With Fanuc 21i-T Control and drives

  • 14 Station Parts Conveyor for up to 5.12" parts
  • 12 Station VDI Turret
  • Auto Parts Load and Unload
  • Chip Conveyor
  • Mist Collector
  • Manuals and Parameters
  • 6" 3 Jaw Chuck
  • "Z" Axis Chip Conveyor

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Haas VF-5/40 Vertical Machining Center \n\n-- X-Axis travel: 50" \n\n-- Y-Axis travel 26" \n\n-- Z-Axis travel 25" \n\n-- Table size 54" x 24" \n\n-- Table capacity 4,000 Lbs \n\n-- Spindle speed 10,000 RPM \n\n-- Spindle motor 20 HP \n\n-- Spindle taper CT 40 \n\n-- Tool changer 40 station Equipped with: \n\n-- Haas CNC control \n\n-- Through spindle coolant \n\n-- Side mounted tool changer \n\n-- Chip auger \n\n-- Programmable coolant \n\n-- Remote jog handle \n\n-- 4th axis drive and wiring \n\n-- Spindle orientation \n\n-- High speed machining \n\n-- Coordinate rotation and scaling \n\n-- Visual quick code \n\n-- Rigid tapping \n\n-- Macros \n\n-- High intensity lighting


MESSER SM-1006 CNC Plasma Oxy Cutting System \n\n-- Table size 81 wide x 132 long \n\n-- Tool coverage 6’ x 10’ \n\n-- Thickness: 26 GA – 1 mild steel, 3/4" stainless and aluminum \n\n-- Power unit (700 lbs) Equipped with: \n\n-- BURNY Phantom processor \n\n-- Hypertherm, HyPerformance Plasma, HPR 130 \n\n-- Torch swing away protection with detents \n\n-- Additional consumables \n\n-- 30GB hard drive \n\n-- 10.4 TFT USB touch screen \n\n-- Burny 1400+ Control \n\n-- CNC processor 512K part storage memory \n\n-- Accu-Lift torch lifter \n\n-- Air scribe \n\n-- Manuals


STRIPPIT LVD PPEB 240 CNC Press Brake \n\n-- Capacity 264 ton \n\n-- Working length 120" \n\n-- Distance between housings 102.36" \n\n-- Maximum stroke 9.84 \n\n-- Open height 18.11" \n\n-- Throat depth 19.88" \n\n-- Ram approach speed 3.93 "/sec. \n\n-- Ram working speed 0.37"/sec. \n\n-- Ram return speed 4.33"/sec. \n\n-- Dimensions 153" x 99" x 122.6" \n\n-- Machine weight 33,100 Lbs Equipped with: \n\n-- Y1 + Y2 \n\n-- 6-Axes CNC backgauge \n\n-- CNC crowning \n\n-- Hydraulic upper clamping \n\n-- New Enu650T graphical control \n\n-- New linear scale encoders \n\n-- New EnuSMART servo motors

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Table dimensions (Overall) 84" x 84". \n\n-- Table weight at 12" C.G and 12" ECC 40,000 Lbs. \n\n-- Rotational torque, inch pounds 48,000 Lbs. \n\n-- Tilt torque, inch pounds 94,000 Lbs. \n\n-- Table rotation 360°. \n\n-- Table 135°. \n\n-- Table speed variable, range 0.2 to 3.0 RPM. \n\n-- Table height, adjustable range 67" to 85". \n\n-- Vertical table travel, powered 48". \n\n-- Weight approximately 28,000 Lbs. Equipped with: \n\n-- Pendant controls. \n\n-- 360° Variable-speed power rotation. \n\n-- 135° Power tilt. \n\n-- Power table elevation. \n\n-- 84" x 84" T-slotted square table.


Category:Pillar Drills 
Manufacturer:Delta Rockwell 

Customer is looking for PTFE Tubing (Polytertafluoroethylene) or Teflon Tubing as it is more commonly known.

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Category:Thermoforming Machines
Description:Used AAA MBE2121 Single Station Thermoformer Maximum forming area is 21″ x 21″ top and bottom heaters top and bottom moving platens Heating: Sandwich Heaters ( top and bottom banks) Air Req: 80-120 PSI 3.5 Cu.ft cycle @100 PSI Electrical: 4-wire, 220V, 3 Phase, 60Hz Depth of Draw: 12″ ( with female mold)
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